Torque IT adapts to continue delivering the best in certified technology training

As technology becomes more ubiquitous, it’s not surprising that the most in-demand qualifications are for ICT roles and understanding digital technology. 

“IT gives you that skill set today so you can walk into a job tomorrow,” says Kapil Jaggeth, Managing Executive at Torque IT. “A technology-focused education provides exciting prospects for our delegates. They can learn a new technology skill in as little as a month, thus equipping them quickly for new job opportunities. They can also learn several IT skills, combining those into a unique package. And we’re seeing more delegates who aren’t training specifically for an IT career but want certain skills and insights to better apply technology in their professional roles.”

Education has changed considerably over the past 18 months, encouraging specialisation and life-long learning. With the demand for technology certification growing, IT training organisations must seize today’s pressures on learning to enhance and embrace modern education.

Torque IT, one of South Africa’s most established ICT training providers, introduced several enhancements to support its trainers, staff and delegates. These enhancements build on a management refresh at Torque IT, ushering in a new era of education features and training capabilities.


Blending instructor-led and virtual training

Torque IT has expanded its renowned face-to-face instructor-led training with virtual instructor-led training (VILT). It added vendor-powered virtual sandbox environments for easy access to technology platforms and introduced self-learning facilities to accommodate the requirements of different delegates. The changes resonate with Torque IT’s philosophy that good training combines expert teachers, willing students, supportive systems and a strong community.

“Even with online learning and self-paced learning, we have the trainer involved. To maintain the same levels of interaction as physical classes, and enrich our delegates’ learning experiences, we do a lot of work so that the trainer can be in front of the delegate. That’s the key for us. Our trainers have been equipped, advised and educated around various methods to create a more rewarding experience. Fortunately, they are technology-enabling people. They understand the impact that technology has on all our careers.”

Numerous complementary activities and technologies support Torque IT’s virtual classroom sessions. These additions include enhanced prepping tools, pre-class involvement of delegates, and exclusive WhatsApp groups for each instructor’s classes. Delegates have unprecedented access to vendor platforms and training materials, allowing them to practice their skills on official vendor ecosystems from the comfort of their homes.

“Over 23 years, Torque IT has established relationships with top IT vendors – nearly 40 of them,” says Jaggeth. “We are a top training partner with vendors such as Microsoft, CompTIA, Amazon and Cisco. Building on those relationships, we offer access to virtual environments hosted by the vendors on their platforms. We redeem the access vouchers for our delegates and they can access those vendor tools at home to build their skills towards official certifications.”


Excellence through hybrid learning

Many people prefer face-to-face education – often still the best way to learn. Torque IT continues to provide physical learning, hence focusing on empowering instructors while introducing different forms of hybrid learning.

Keeping people in the centre of effective training is not just pragmatic. It reflects Torque IT’s culture, which celebrates people as the essential ingredient for success: “What do you have without instructors and support staff? You just have books and websites. Torque IT believes that putting the right people in front of each other is fundamental if you want delegates to learn quickly and find immediate value in their education. Nobody comes to us because they are forced to. Torque IT delegates want to learn, and by that token, our staff want to educate them. Thus we put an enormous focus on supporting our staff.”

Such support includes the focus on virtually enabling instructors. Staff are also encouraged to speak their minds and collaborate through a more inclusive management culture, involving regular town hall meetings and numerous channels through which Torque IT staff can engage with each other – even when they aren’t in the same room.

Through taking these steps, Torque IT prepares its staff and delegates for the world of today and tomorrow. It provides numerous ways to earn IT certifications in today’s challenging learning environment while building a culture that sets the benchmark to supply the most in-demand skill sets in the market.

Twenty-three years and 40 vendor partners tell just one part of the story. Through adjusting to the pandemic, Torque IT is ready for the next 23 years and training another generation of IT professionals.