The importance of ITIL in Digital Transformation

Poor synergy between IT skills and business goals lead to digital transformation failures. ITIL 4 provides a framework to help technologists stay on the same page as the rest of the organisation’s progress. Torque IT provides ITIL 4 training for different business and IT professionals, tailored to match their specific requirements.   What is the […]

Why agile South African companies are thriving in 2022

Agility is essential for businesses looking to not only survive but thrive in 2022 and beyond. However, many businesses remain unequipped to meet this need, even though they recognise its importance. Below, we unpack why agility is key to growing your business. What is an agile company? An agile company has a workforce that does […]

4IR and the importance of an agile workforce

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) has become a watchword across every industry that exists today. Experts warn that unless organisations embrace 4IR, they will not be future-fit, and so most executives are grappling with how they will digitise their businesses or where they should be leveraging data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Employees, on the […]

Torque IT adapts to continue delivering the best in certified technology training

As technology becomes more ubiquitous, it’s not surprising that the most in-demand qualifications are for ICT roles and understanding digital technology.  “IT gives you that skill set today so you can walk into a job tomorrow,” says Kapil Jaggeth, Managing Executive at Torque IT. “A technology-focused education provides exciting prospects for our delegates. They can […]

Learning for tomorrow: the future of technology

What are the technologies worth studying? The best way to predict the future is to create it, wrote Peter Drucker. As humans, we sometimes tend to assume progress is inevitable. But progress emerges from the quest for knowledge and creating things of significance and beauty, stated another author, Arthur C. Clarke.  Both views are highly […]

Email security in the wake of a pandemic

The sudden onslaught of Covid-19 caused (and still is causing) untold devastation. But there was another, far stealthier, attack that followed close on the virus’s heels. With employees having to work from home, many companies found themselves floundering in unchartered waters… and the sharks were circling. Threats and vulnerabilities faced by businesses were suddenly amplified […]