The Importance Of ITIL In Digital Transformation 

  • Poor synergy between IT skills and business goals leads to digital transformation failures.
  • ITIL 4 provides a framework to help technologists stay on the same page as the rest of the organisation’s progress.
  • Torque IT provides ITIL 4 training for different business and IT professionals, tailored to match their specific requirements.


What is the most crucial thing about digital transformation?

What ultimately determines that it leads to value and success? Technology isn’t the answer – digital systems are only enablers. It’s the dots they connect that matter: business needs such as efficiency, competitiveness, and innovation tied to organisational vision and strategy.

Digital projects should make these needs a reality. But that synergy needs more than IT teams providing back-end support. Digital transformation only succeeds comprehensively when IT becomes the business service partner that can respond swiftly and compatibly to their organisation’s requirements.

It’s this synergy that makes ITIL critical for digital transformation success.

ITIL for Digital Transformation Success

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework of best practices for IT Service Management. How organizations plan, deliver, and support IT services can invigorate or spoil digital businesses’ chemistry. ITIL’s guidelines and best practices align IT department actions and expenses to business needs, changing them as the business grows or shifts direction.

First released in 2000, ITIL has been a cornerstone for many companies. Yet it needed a major refresh to reflect digital’s modern business possibilities. In early 2019, ITIL entered its fourth incarnation, ITIL 4, the first significant update since 2007 and a fundamental alignment with the Digital Transformation era.

“ITIL 4 introduces a holistic approach to service management,” says Andrew Leeuw, ITIL 4 reviewer and contributor. “The new edition of ITIL 4 provides a flexible basis to support organisations throughout the digital transformation era, helping bring business and IT onto the same page.”

Modern history is already littered with failed digital transformation projects. Most didn’t succeed because the business kept digital projects at arm’s length, as deliverables under IT and non-crucial business-first endeavours. But companies can still struggle to close those gaps even when endeavouring to be proactive and collaborative. Not surprisingly, projects that don’t use ITIL frameworks tend to demonstrate where things go wrong:

  • A lack of guidance wastes considerable resources and time, with few good results.
  • Projects fail to prove actual value because they lack clear value creation hypotheses.
  • Not enough experienced professionals who know how to deploy and encourage the adoption of new technology.
  • Tackling digital transformation projects unilaterally rather than working with a partner who understands the digital landscape.
  • A rigid outlook on expectations for the digital transformation process

Ensure Success with ITIL Skills

ITIL knowledge helps avoid such issues, and it’s hugely beneficial for key tech executives and managers to train in ITIL Service Management – the management of ITSM skills, people and competencies.

From the CIO to IT service managers, IT directors and managers, business managers, service support engineers, technical support engineers, and business process owners – providing such professionals with ITIL training will significantly enhance the value and delivery of any digital transformation project.

Torque IT provides candidates with necessary ITIL training tailored to meet specific team needs. One of South Africa’s most established ICT training providers, Torque IT has provided technical and business technology training for over twenty-three years, covering more than 40 vendors and dozens of different IT skills with in-person and virtual sessions, coursework and exams.

Our trainers are professionals who share their experiences and learnings in structured courses that make the most of people’s valuable time. From people wanting to gain a fundamental understanding of a topic to in-depth training that increases the capabilities of IT gurus, Torque IT provides technology skills for every level in an organisation. This includes ITIL 4, the new standard for effective IT service management and strategy.

Torque IT trains more than 15 000 students annually & many more through the utilization of virtual instructor-led delivery methods. View our IT Courses here!

Every day there are more digital transformation success stories. The promise of the digital age has not waned or faded. They are stronger than ever, and there is a wealth of experience to show companies how they, too, can realise their digital futures. Digital transformation is still full of challenges. But you have a clear path to success when your people understand and wield the ITIL 4 framework.

Contact Torque IT and learn how to take the first steps on that path by training your best in ITIL 4, the best way forward for Digital Transformation.