1. Enrolments
  1. Re-Attendance
  1. Cancellation
    • The cancellation period for APMG and Kepner-Tregoe exams at any Torque IT branch is 5 working days.
    • PeopleCert examinations fall under the Vendor directly and Torque IT is not permitted to assist with any cancellations or re-scheduling of said examinations.
    • In the event of the delegate/company cancelling or postponing the exam 6 or more working days before exam commencement, there will be no charge.
    • A 100% cancellation fee will be levied for exam cancellations made within 5 working days before the scheduled exam
    • The cancellation or postponement of any APMG and Kepner-Tregoe exam must be made in writing and will only be considered and accepted as successful once a written confirmation has been acknowledged by a Torque IT representative.
    • Exam prices are subject to periodic amendment and are quoted as per the current pricelist at the time.
    • If a delegate/company postpones or cancels an APMG and Kepner-Tregoe exam less than 9 working days prior to the scheduled exam time slot and rebooks the exam in the same period, the delegate or company will be liable for the exam price difference between the originally quoted price and the newly amended price.
    • Should a connectivity failure occur during an online exam the following is applicable:
      • No time penalty will be incurred for the exam session.
      • Torque IT endeavours to resolve the connectivity failure within a 60-minute window period.
      • In the event that Torque IT is unable to resolve the connectivity failure within the 60-minute window period, the delegate will have the option of being excused from the exam session and can reschedule the same exam with Torque IT at no additional cost.
      • We encourage delegates to remain at the exam centre until connectivity is restored and continue with the exam session until fully completed.
      • Once an exam session has commenced it is not possible to stop, cancel or reschedule the exam.
      • Should a client utilise Torque IT premises for a PeopleCert Online Vendor Proctored exam, the examinee should notify the proctor regarding connectivity issues.
    • If a delegate is unable to sit their confirmed APMG and/or Kepner-Tregoe exam for medical reasons, the affected delegate is required to notify Torque IT prior to the scheduled course/exam date and time and thereafter submit a doctor’s certificate to this effect (relating to the date of the course/exam), along with a request to cancel or postpone the exam in question. This communication must be received by the delegate’s designated Torque IT Account Manager within 48 hours after the scheduled course/exam date and time.

If a booked course/exam slot is not postponed, or cancelled, within the required time frame as stated in the Torque IT enrolment terms and conditions and/a recognized doctors certificate is not provided as per the above, the associated course/exam fee will be charged in full, forfeited, and the booked delegate will be marked as a “No Show”.