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ISC2 is an international non-profit membership association focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. Best known for the acclaimed Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, ISC2 offers a portfolio of credentials that are part of a holistic, programmatic approach to security. Our membership, more than 500,000 strong, is made up of certified cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals who are making a difference and helping to advance the industry.


The Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP) recognizes cybersecurity leaders with expertise in information systems security management. It shows one has deep management and leadership skills and the advanced knowledge to establish, present and govern information security programs.


Audience profile


The ISSMP is ideal for professionals working in roles such as:

  • CIO (Chief Information Officer)
  • CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
  • CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Senior Security Executive




  • Candidates must have a minimum of seven years cumulative, full-time experience in two or more of the domains of the current ISSMP exam outline
  • Earning a post-secondary degree (bachelors or masters) in computer science, information technology (IT) or related fields or an additional credential from the ISC2 approved list may satisfy one year of the required experience
  • Part-time work and internships may also count towards the experience requirement




Candidates must be a CISSP in good standing and have two years cumulative, full-time experience in one or more of the six domains of the current ISSMP exam outline:

  • Part-Time Experience: Your part-time experience cannot be less than 20 hours a week and no more than 34 hours a week
  • 1040 hours of part-time = 6 months of full-time experience
  • 2080 hours of part-time = 12 months of full-time experience
  • Internship: Paid or unpaid internship is acceptable. You will need documentation on company/organisation letterhead confirming your position as an intern. If you are interning at a school, the document can be on the registrar’s stationery


What is Online Self-Paced Training?


ISC2 Self-Paced Training enables a flexible and engaging learning experience which gives you the freedom and confidence to move ahead on your schedule, without sacrificing quality for convenience. Throughout the entire learning experience, you have on-demand access to interactive learning content and industry topics to reinforce the material and increase your knowledge retention. Course activities which draw from real-world scenarios and a learning Plan helps you stay on track with your studies and help you prepare for your ISC2 certification exam.


What is included?


  • 180 days of access to Official ISC2 ISSMP content in the learning management system
  • 40 hours of content covering all 6 domains
  • Digital eTextbook
  • Interactive flashcards
  • Practice Questions
  • Pre- and Post-assessment practice questions
  • Flexibility to learn on your schedule


How is the Self-Paced Course Accessed?


An access key and instructions will be sent via email after your purchase is complete.

You may then login anytime at

ISC2 Overview

In an increasingly complex cyber world, there is a growing need for information security leaders who possess the breadth and depth of expertise necessary to establish holistic security programs that assure the protection of an organisations information assets.

ISC2 is an international non-profit membership association leading in educating and certifying cyber, information, software, and infrastructure security professionals throughout their careers. Headquartered in the United States and with offices in London, Hong Kong, and an authorized China agency in Beijing, ISC2, is recognized for the acclaimed Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) certification, along with a portfolio of credentials and world-class education programs in the form of vendor-neutral education products and career services.

ISC2 members represent an elite, global network of dedicated cybersecurity professionals – preeminent experts in their field – who have committed themselves to the highest ethical standards and best practices. All members are certified professionals who have passed ISC2 examinations attesting to skill and knowledge in their field. Through their ISC2 certification, they have demonstrated superior competency and devoted themselves to making the cyber world a safer place for all. With more than 120,000 certified members in more than 160 countries, the ISC2 community plays a vital role not only in the organizations they serve but in society. Without them, our critical infrastructures would go unprotected and we wouldn’t be as safe. As organizations are increasingly recognizing information security as imperative, ISC2 members are in greater demand than ever before.

Torque IT has embarked into a new and exciting growth phase that will further cement our organizations position as the leading Training, Enablement and Certification solutions provider in our market. As part of this strategy, Torque IT has achieved the status of Official Training Provider for ISC2.