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The EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES) program introduces professionals and students to the field of cryptography. The participants will learn the foundations of modern symmetric and key cryptography including the details of algorithms such as Feistel Functions, DES, and AES. ECES provides necessary skills to perform effective deployment of encryption technologies. It is a comprehensive course covering various algorithms, the key concepts behind those algorithms, applications of the cryptography in various ways and performing cryptanalysis


Audience profile


This course is specifically designed for:


  • Penetration Testers
  • Computer Forensics Specialists
  • Cloud Security architects, designers, and developers
  • Anyone involved in selecting and implementing VPNs or digital certificates, Information Security Operations
  • Anyone involved in developing Operating Systems, Cryptography Systems, Blockchain based solutions, etc




  • No prior knowledge of cryptography is assumed, and no mathematical skills beyond basic algebra are required.




What is EC-Council iLearn?


iLearn is EC Council’s online, self-paced option which means that all of the same modules taught in the live course are recorded and presented in a streaming video format. A certification candidate can set their own learning pace by pausing the lectures and returning to their studies as their schedule permits! This all-inclusive training program provides the benefits of classroom training at your own pace.


What is included?


  • Streaming video training modules – 1 year access
  • Official EC-Council E-Courseware – 1 year access
  • iLabs, Virtual Lab Platform – 6 months access
  • One Certification exam voucher
  • One Certificate of Attendance


How to Access the iLearn Portal?


All learning resources will be released directly to the delegate and a notification will be shared via email after your booking is complete. You may then login anytime, here.

EC-Council Overview

To beat a hacker, you need to think like one…

Ethical Hacking is the process of proactively penetrating systems, to which one has official permission to do so, with a view to determining whether vulnerabilities exist and then to undertake the necessary preventive, corrective, and protective countermeasures before an actual compromise to the systems can occur.

Torque IT’s authorised EC-Council training, and associated certification, solutions empower you to identify vulnerabilities and to assess the security posture of target systems. EC-Council certifications are universally recognised as demonstrating a high level of expertise and credibility for individuals and the organisations that employ them.

Torque IT being an EC-Council Accredited Training Center (ATC) has been the recipient of EC-Council’s most prestigious ATC of the year awards for 2016, 2014 and EC-Council’s Circle of Excellence Awards for 2015.

These achievements reflect our commitment to providing you with quality skills development, enablement, training, and certification solutions that demonstrate exceptional quality, depth and breadth.