Skills Programmes

Skills programmes are designed to address the skills gap and enable continuous learning through the a​ttainment of both theoretical and practical knowledge.  As a Skills Programme is conducted against registered Unit Standards at an Accredited Training Institution, this means that on successful completion of the Skills Programme, Learners obtain formal recognition for the Unit Standard(s), in line with the courses undertaken.

The training programme for a Skills Programme must include a workplace component and therefore Skills programmes are ideal for individuals already in employment or that have been employed before. The accumulation of credit-bearing Skills Programmes may lead to or contribute towards a full qualification.

Skills Programmes involve three main parties:

  • The Business/Employer, who can also sponsor the Skills Programme
  • The Training Provider, Facilitator of the programme
  • The learner or employee

In this instance the employer pays for the learner/employee; or may also opt to pay for other Employees seeking skills programme opportunities for up-skilling purposes.  On signing for the Skills Programme, an Accredited Training Provider is appointed for the structured theoretical learning; and a Skills Programme Agreement is entered into between the Learner, Employer and Training Provider for the duration of the Skills Programme.

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