In today’s fast paced work environment, the majority of employers require that job applicants have work experience, thereby guaranteeing employers individuals with exposure to the real-time work environment. Interestingly this expectation extends to graduates and Students fresh out of Tertiary Institutions. For this reason, Internship Programmes play a critical role in bridging the gap between academic theoretical knowledge and practical work implementation. 

Participants are placed on a full-time basis for a period of eight to twelve months within relevant companies and government organisations, with the purpose of providing the Student with the workplace experience to complement their qualification.

While a Diploma, Degree or an Academic Qualification is focused on theoretical knowledge, an Internship complements academic qualification and theory, hereby providing practical training that is beneficial for the 21st century employer, who is focused on ensuring that theory is applied in practice for the benefit of the organisation. Torque Career Campus offers Internship Programmes on up to date technologies on: Cisco, CompTIA, ITIL​, Microsoft​, Novell​, Oracle and VMware

Some benefits to Organisation funding Interns:

  • Employers that do not have readily available interns that meet the required criteria, get free access to a pool of  readily available resources provided by Torque IT;
  • Employers are able to claim Internship Grant Payment for learners, thereby minimising the cost of associated with the appointment of interns; without the onus of having to report and liaise with the SETA.  This task, inclusive of all administrative duties, is executed by Torque IT.
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