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Robotic Process Automation is defined as any capability (software and services) that allows you to transact in  any IT application or website, typically in the same way a human would, to automate complex, rule-based work.  In other words, RPA software allows developers to tailor complex automations to a company’s processes. When an RPA robot is at work, it performs tasks just like a human would: logging in, operating applications, entering data, performing complex calculations and logging out.


Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation increases efficiencies, accuracy and effectiveness. Robotic Process Automation frees up people to focus on adding real value, leveraging the data that is created. All organizations will eventually adopt RPA as the first stage on their digital transformation, moving through Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing towards real Artificial Intelligence.


Torque IT, power by Reveal Group, has officially been named a Blue Prism Authorised Training Partner to offer in-class instructor-led training across the Blue Prism sphere of technical courses within South Africa. The certification program is created to match the career development life cycle of the ICT industry and roles that exists within the Blue Prism sphere.


To derive maximum business value from your Blue Prism bots, it is imperative that you learn and implement best practice methodologies that will serve to maximize productivity and improve efficiency in your Robotic Process Automation strategy and implementation.